Puffy Mattress Review

Our Puffy mattress review takes a look at this new company that recently came onto the market promising great sleep at a great price.

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The founders of Puffy wanted to come up with a mattress that felt like you were sleeping on a cloud, and thus the Puffy was born.

Puffy mattress, queen size

Read our review of the Puffy mattress and see what we think about this new entrant into the online mattress industry!

Construction and Materials

The Puffy is a 10″ mattress made of 2 layers of proprietary designed memory foam:

  • 3″ Top Cooling layer – The top layer is made of 3″ of patent pending Cooling Cloud gel infused memory foam designed to provide cooling and comfort.
  • 7″ Bottom layer  – This foundation layer is made of 7″ of dense support foam, that is designed to be responsive and the company claims 4x the support of traditional support foam layers.

The Puffy mattress utilizes their patent pending DeepSleep technology that makes up their top cooling layer that helps keep the mattress cool and comfortable and the DeepComfort core support layer that provides the underlying support for sleepers.

Firmness & Support

The Puffy is a universal comfort type memory foam mattress, designed to appeal to a wide range of sleepers.

We felt that the Puffy is a medium soft mattress, coming in around a 5/6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being firmness.)  Puffy has their own firmness scale on their site, which they rate a little firmer, in the range you see below.

As always, firmness is largely weight dependent, as I compressed the top comfort layer more than Kaye did since I weigh considerably more than she does (230lbs vs. 115).  She felt it was a little firmer than I did, but much less so than other similar mattresses.

For me personally, the Puffy is on the softer side, due to my weight quickly pushing through the top comfort layer and compressing quite a bit.

My weight was fairly distributed when lying on the mattress, but when I sat up in the bed, I felt the harder support layer as I “bottomed” out when sitting up.

The foam layers do a good job of providing support during sleeping, and worked well for us as side sleepers by supporting our hips and shoulders without causing numbness or stiffness which often is the case with firmer mattresses.


The Puffy is a rather comfortable mattress, albeit for one that is on the softer side as mentioned.  The top comfort layer of foam provides a bit of responsiveness and bounce without causing too much sinkage down into the memory foam as expected.

Again, this is highly dependent on sleeper weight, as my heavier weight pushed down into the mattress much more than Kaye with her lighter weight.

Puffy mattress, corner close up

The exterior of the Puffy is very soft and comfortable, and the top comfort layers do a good job at providing a comfortable sleeping surface.

The softness of the cover combined with the initial soft response from the memory foam layers did make for a comfortable nights sleep, and this was shared by both of us.

Sleeping Hot

The Puffy mattress does a good job of sleeping cool from the thin cover and presence of the gel infused foam layer designed to provide air flow and breathability.

We did not feel any discomfort or stickiness that is often the case with all memory foam mattresses, and the Puffy does well in this respect.

We would rate the Puffy as about average in terms of not sleeping hot, not necessarily better than most memory foam mattresses in this regard, but also not causing us to wake up sweating and sticky.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

In terms of sinkage and motion transfer, again with many of these mattresses it is highly dependent on sleeper weight.

As I weigh considerably more than Kaye, around 230 lbs, I tend to sink a lot more into the mattress when sitting up or on the edge. This was particularly true of the Puffy. When sitting on it, I compressed almost all the way through the mattress.

Kaye did not experience this amount of sinkage as she weighs half of what I do. Nor did we experience the common phenomenon of her “sinking in a hole” or rolling towards me from the unequal weight difference on the mattress.

But overall, we felt that there was more sinkage than we would have liked with the mattress.  This tends to be the case with most 10″ mattresses with only a few layers, and was to be expected for the most part.

Edge support was minimal when my weight compressed the bed. Lying flat seemed to disperse the weight but at times when rolling over in the night I felt like I was rolling off the sides to a small degree.  Again, my heavier weight is to blame given the mattress is only 10″

There was a decent amount of motion transfer when I adjusted positions during the night which again is to be expected from the weight differential.

This is often a trade-off for us with a less firm mattress, as the firm ones are better at motion transfer but not as comfortable.

Smell / Off-Gassing

There was a small degree of off-gassing /  smell but nothing overpowering compared to some other mattresses we have reviewed.  We give the Puffy good marks in this category.

Customer Service

The Puffy mattress is pretty standard when it comes to their warranty and support offerings. Most mattresses in this category share about the same offerings in terms of sleep trials and warranty, and Puffy is no exception here.

  • Shipping – free shipping, arrives in 2-7 days
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • 101 Night Sleep Trial Period
  • Made in the USA


The Puffy is reasonably priced, with a queen selling for $950.

Size Price
Twin $550
Twin XL $600
Full $800
Queen $950
King $1150
Cal King $1150


The Puffy mattress does a good job of appealing to a wide variety of sleepers with a medium firmness feel on average depending on sleeper weight.

Their patent pending gel infused memory foam construction combined with their denser support foam does a good job of providing balance and pressure relieving support as well as a comfortable nights sleep.

The Puffy sleeps fairly cool and is a decent choice for couples that may have different firmness preferences.  We did feel there was a degree of motion transfer and sinkage, especially for heavier couples, but is a good mattress for the money and materials included in the design.

All in all, the Puffy is one of the better universal comfort mattresses on the market, and a great choice if you are looking for a 10″ foam mattress that sleeps cool and at a reasonable price.

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